Saturday, June 18, 2005


Last year around this time I recall listening to an interesting story on NRP all about "Bloomsday," the day James Joyes fans re-create the happenings of Ulysses. I also recall telling myself to read the book by next June 16th. Today is June 18th and I forgot all about it! Dammit! Hopefully I'll remember it for next year. At least I finished at least one 1000+ page novel this year. I better get cracking.

Also, speaking of "holidays," today is my extended family's annual Father's Day theme party at my Aunt Teresa's (and Derrell's) house. In the past, the party's theme has been "Survivor" (I wore khaki shorts and a safari hat,) the 50's (I found an appropriate vintage dress,) Greek (my dad and uncles wore togas--I just brought Kalamata olives) and this year the theme is holidays (?). Each family (there are 6 siblings in the main family) get's a holiday to dress up as and bring a dish celebrating that holiday. We have Halloween. My mom made a pasta salad with cheddar cheese and black olives served in a trick-or-treater's bowl. This year's theme is a bit convoluted; I really don't get it. I'm dressing up as a witch...a Samantha Stevens Bewitched-witch.

The dress is a red vintage mini-dress from the 60's. I tried it on with some matching red heels. I look kinda whorish. I'm sure pictures will be taken. I plan on getting smashed. Nothing better than doing shots with your 40-something aunts.

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