Saturday, June 04, 2005


Although I'm getting a bit iffy on the whole Junior League thing, I think I'm going to buy these shoes:

Darling, aren't they?

What the hell is my problem? I'm sick!

I have a sundress that matches them to a tee!

Oh God, did I just admit that?

They'll look great with my freshly fake-tanned legs!

Quick, somebody get me a copy of "The Bell Jar" STAT! Must...fight...the pastel cutesiness! There's a knock at the door--It's Leonard Cohen! Thank God! You've arrived just in time! Hey Leonard, like my new shoes???


ago-go said...

wow jen...i think if you buy a pearl necklace or diamond tennis bracelet i'm going to have to come down there and intervene!

if you do buy those shoes, i think you need to also buy something quirky/sexy like these to counteract the cute-ness.

Jen said...

Evil temptress! I am totally in love with those red shoes, but the light blue ones are speaking to me as well. What do you think of these?:

ago-go said...

oh, the polka-dotted hotness! i like that the dots are random, very nice.

aren't those red shoes the best?!? i too love the blue, and bronze, and yellow...i'm still waiting for my crazy red futuristic barmaid boots to go on better sale.

...just cannot justify spending $170 canadian on them right now.

Anonymous said...

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