Monday, June 06, 2005

I tried...

A few days ago, after getting tired of constantly hearing about how sickly I looked (thanks to my family,) I purchased Neutrogena's Build-a-Tan gift pack. For $19.99 I got a pre-tan scrub, Build-a-Tan for the body, Build-a-Tan for the face, a pair of scrubby shower mits, and a moisturizing lip gloss. Separately, the products would total around $35.00 at least, so this was a great deal!

Yesterday morning I followed the directions to a tee and waited for results. Several hours later I thought I looked nice and bronzed (for me, at least.) Upon further inspection, it's not that great. I somehow forgot to apply the tanner to the backs of my knees (knee-pits?), the sides of my feet, and the back of my left arm. It sort of looks like I have vitalago. I'm planning on doing the whole exfoliating/tanning process again tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I'll be more careful and observant.

Reading: DHC makeup catalog

Seeing: Newsradio on DVD

Hearing: Fred McDowell--Levee Camp Blues

Wearing: Black t-shirt, green Old Navy shorts (I stocked up in several colors) and black beaded flip flops


Pirate said...

You may still look sick but now you're a better color of sick. Starving writer? Where do I read all of your writings?

Egan said...

The Pirate beat me to comment on your post. Arrrrr... matey! I little cruise on the pirate's ship ought to give you a nice even tan. Don't forget the self bronzing mitts.

ago-go said...

applying self tanner is a bitch...a helper is always useful.

Johnny said...

i like applying lotion to agogos sensitive areas.