Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Robert Smith kicks ass...

Um, thanks South Park.
Seriously, Disintegration is quite possibly the best album ever made, and as I discovered this afternoon it is also the perfect music for cleaning a bathroom. Serious tunes for tub scrubbing. I was only able to locate my cassette; I know I have (or had) the CD, but it was probably stolen by an ex-BF (bastard.)

Also, a zillion years ago, I saw an ad for neighborhoodies, this great site for custom design t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, bags and other stuff. Last week, after thinking about it forever, I finally ordered something! It just arrived today and I'm VERY happy with the results!!!!

Dig it!! My new Neighborhoodies shirt! It's also my superhero name. Posted by Hello

Also, also, I re-tanned and it worked. Now I look like a Samoan (no offense to Samoans. You're a beautiful people. I'm just not used to being so dark. I usually look like an anemic Swede (who are also beautiful people, no offense as well.)

Reading: The new New Yorker, which arrived on Saturday

Seeing: Woozy stars, thanks to bathroom cleaning products

Hearing: Disintegration, as I had stated earlier. More specifically, "Lullaby."

Wearing: Jean shorts, yellow tank top, fushia flip flops.


ago-go said...

very cool shirt! was it expensive? i still need to go get my "hostile angel climaxes" tee.

i'm sure you are a beautiful Samoan. are you lovely and tan like The Rock?

Jen said...

Ago: the shirt was $30-ish but totally worth it! They have tons of shirt styles, fonts and colors to choose from. That's the hardest part-deciding what to choose. Plus, in the package they included a personalized thank you note and a 10% off coupon code. If you'd like, I'll pass the code on to you.

I'll be showing off my hue on Half-Nekkid Thursday, but for now I'm a lovely brownish-olivish shade.


yournamehere said...

I loved the Cure in college. They, along with the Smiths and Joy Division, were part of "The Sad Bastard Trinity" that helped me cope. I still enjoy their music to this day.

HNT...Os is a fuckin' genius.

Jen said...

ynh: "The Sad Bastard Trinity!" I love it! I never got into Joy Division much. My trilogy was (and still is) the Cure, the Smiths and Leonard Cohen. I was never allowed near the CD player on road trips during college.

Osbasso said...

Looking forward to the HNT pic. I'm still scrambling for one. Rachel pegged it last week--Thursday creeps up way too quickly!

YNH--thanks for the compliment. I try!