Monday, August 16, 2004

Here we go again...

I have yet another first meeting/date tonight. I'll call him C. The previous C. ended up being a gross lump, so he doesn't count, even as an initial. This C. Definitely has a brain and very strong opinions. We've already had arguments, but nothing has been dull, so I'm slightly optimistic. Maybe I need to find an opposite; spice things up.

We're meeting tonight for soup and/or coffee. I'm at the point in this online dating escapade where I really don't care anymore. I have no more nervousness and butterflies anymore, since I've seen everything and met all kinds of oddballs and freaks, with a few positive prospects mixed in the pack. I'm definitely getting jaded. My subscription runs out at the end of October. At that time, I will have been actively searching for Mr. Right online for 13 months. If nothing pans out by then, I'll take a major break and recharge. Maybe I'll concentrate on my paralegal studies, learn how to knit, adopt a few cats, gain forty pounds, and then I'll be totally in Spinsterville. Yeah!

On a happier note, I picked up "Slim in 6" yet again, so hopefully by September 12th, with proper diet and daily ass-burning exercises, I'll be microscopically tiny. I can barely breathe right now thanks to the oblique crunches. The incredible pain I'm experiencing right now better be paying off in the long run. Sure, "no pain no gain" or loss in my case, but I feel like I did in high school--the day after the first track practice of the year. Ben Gay will probably be visiting tonight.

I also hit Costco this past weekend and loaded up on the good, healthy stuff--a 15 pack of Dannon Light & Fit (2 Points each,) Sun-Maid raisin and dried fruit individual assortment packs, frozen stir-fry veggies, salmon, tequila-lime marinated turkey tenderloin, YUM! Good stuff. Mysteriously, certain items also appeared in my cart--Sea salt seasoned pita chips and a log of French goat cheese. Who put those in the cart?!? :) I shall now attempt to have three servings of yogurt every day, lactose intolerance be dammed!!!!! I still have 19 pounds to go before Thanksgiving!!!!!

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