Saturday, August 28, 2004


This week I lost another two pounds bringing my total weight loss to NINE POUNDS!! Okay, once I lose all the surplus tonnage, I'll never look like a swimsuit model or even turn a single head, but I'll be healthy and have a lower risk of developing type II diabetes, which is truthfully right around the corner, hereditarilly (sp?) speaking.

I can't believe I've become so damn superficial, but I cannot get enough of my hipbones! And my ribs! Oh Joy!!


Vonny said...

Hope you find Mr Right soon. I like your blog, you write very well.

Tyrone Vitoff said...

You cannot get enough of your hipbones and your ribs? I don't know what type of diet you're on, but if it requires you to eat your hipbones and ribs, you may want to abandon ship and try out another diet. I don't know. Call me crazy. I just don't think my hipbones or ribs would taste all that good. Maybe you should try eating Otter Pops. Those bastards rock.