Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I feel like sharing again!

I have returned after a week-long absence. I haven't been on vacation or anything fun like that. I've just been in a crappy mood and nothing (well, almost nothing) seems to be working out for me lately. On the up side: school will be starting soon, so I'll be closer to an actual well-paying career. I've also been reading like a crazed, very literate beast! Just last night I finished Neil Gaiman's "Stardust." It was so nice, it made me happy! That sentence is just one reason why I'm not a book reviewer :) Actually it made me consider being a fairy (or faerie) for Halloween. Now if only someone will be having a party...

Now the down side: I have had zillions of dinner dates with guys who never talk to me again. I know I'm not doing anything wrong. Why won't guys just say "It's been nice, but you're not my type. See ya" instead of disappearing for good and leaving me questioning myself and my manners (which are top shelf.) On the up side of this situation, I have no one hanging around throwing off my routine of getting home at 5:45, watching Friends, eating dinner, talking with the turtle, taking a hot bath, reading, watching a spot of TV and falling asleep by 10:00.

One the up side again, after watching fencing on the Olympics last week, I'm joining Renaissance Fencing Club! It's been a few years since I've fenced, but when I did, I lost sooo much weight really quickly. It just dropped off. I'm officially down seven pounds. Eighteen more to lose by Thanksgiving. I'm talking my mom into serving White Castle stuffing at our family party!

Along with fencing, I really need to learn how to knit soon if I'm going to be competent enough to make scarves for everyone by Christmas. I've got soooo much on my plate right now--who need a boyfriend?!? I'm going to try to keep this attitude going for as long as possible. I'm actually in a good mood for once.

Back to work!

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Tyrone Vitoff said...

For a girl who comments so much about boy problems, it is slightly troubling and worrysome that you are taking fencing classes. Remember. It's a sport... it's not actually for murder. When you take these classes, just make sure you don't get a big head and challenge some guy that's pissed you off to a duel. It's not worth going to jail, girl.