Friday, August 06, 2004


I had a date last night withT. Yes, a Thursday night date and it was really great! We met at Ferlito's, a cute family-style Italian place on Mack, at 6:30 and talked nonstop until 10:30. We did find time to eat a bit (I had an antipasto salad, he had eggplant parmesan) but we talked and talked about everything. There were no lulls in the conversation. Yet, I am not sure if he is interested in me. I dressed cute, wore lots of eye makeup, and was completely myself, no pretending.

T. is really sweet and he actually mentioned wanting to someday take a cruise on a ship/tanker/barge traveling down the Detroit River. That almost knocked me out of my seat. I've been saying that for years! We have so much in common but chances are, I'll hear from him once or twice more and then he'll disappear like all the rest. I've got to think positive but everything in the past has fallen to pieces when I get my hopes up.

It's about time I catch a break...maybe I'm being tested; maybe my patience is at some super-human level and this is all a mind-control experiment, something like in the Matrix...hmmm, maybe doctors in a lab somewhere are reading the test results and saying something like "Wow, most others in her situation would've given up by now and accepted their spinster destiny. Deliver the stray cat and sensible shoes to her doorstep immediately, we must find her breaking point." Okay, that's a bit weird. I'm hardly paranoid, but I'm also getting discouraged. After years of horrible, terrible, unreliable, emotionally abusive, unfaithful, thieving and otherwise stinking turds of supposed "boyfriends" I've had in the past, I think I deserve something nice for a change.

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