Thursday, August 12, 2004

Under the weather...

I am not feeling very well right now. I've been eating three balanced meals a day, drinking tons of water and tea, plus I take a multi-vitamin every morning. Despite all the precautions I've been taking, I think I'm coming down with a cold. I'm definitely feeling run down. Not good. I feel like going back to my apartment, putting on my "sick pyjamas" and jumping straight into bed. I'm not feeling too tired, but slightly feverish. Maybe before changing and getting into bed, I'd stop at Wong's Garden for a bowl of wonton soup. That's usually my "coping-with-cramps" meal, but it sure sounds good right now. Maybe a grilled cheese sandwich as well.

My energy feels sapped, but that might also be due to the diet. On Sunday I made a tray of Prego's Pasta Bake (8 servings, 6.5 points each) and have been steadily plowing through the servings for lunch, but I'm getting kind of sick of it. Only three more meals left. I should be exercising more, but by the time I get off the bus at 5:45, I'm dragging myself around. Putting on running shoes is a completely foreign concept. I hope to lose another pound by Saturday's weigh-in!

I've also got no plans, dates, or other interesting endeavors for this weekend. This really sucks. Oh boy, I've got a whole weekend to dedicate to cleaning my apartment. yippee.

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