Monday, July 19, 2004

This is getting really old...

Well, C. called me on Saturday night, proposing to stop by with drinks.  I was also being spontaneous earlier that night as well by, in lieu of cleaning my apartment, deciding to take a sleeping pill.  I had to turn down his suggestion and he sounded disappointed.  I called him yesterday afternoon (left a message) suggesting that we meet for drinks or something later in the day...I'm still waiting for a response.  I'm trying not to let this bother me.
I'll be spending my time tonight baking a cappuchino angel food cake.  MMMmmm!  It's 2 Points per serving and I'm looking forward to using my electric mixer for the very first time!  Yay.  It's for the American Heart Association bake sale we're having at work tomorrow.  Maybe I'll take a walk around the block while it's baking, instead of torturing myself with the smell of baking cake wafting through my apartment.  
In other news, a perky, chipper, blonde attorney who left the firm in order to go into practice with her husband has returned to use some of our library materials.  She is sooooo nice and always remembers my name!  Heather is what I am working at becoming someday: thin, with a positive attitude, a child, a successful career and spouse.  I better keep on dreaming.  I'm currently slightly highlighted, 20 lbs. away from being bony thin, 2 years away from the paralegal degree and light years away from the husband and/or child.  *Insert heavy sighhhh here.* 

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