Sunday, July 25, 2004

Popularity, thy name is Jen...

Since Friday I have received 13 winks on my profile.  Damn!  Not to mention all the emails I've been getting.  Granted, most of the guys have been in their 40's with kids and a definite lack of education, but there have been some winners in the mix as well.

It's official--I WILL be 25 pounds lighter by Thanksgiving.  I WILL be thin and trim and awesome looking and everyone will be saying "Is that Jen?  She's been working really hard.  Gee, I wonder if she's single?  Where's she been hiding my whole life?"  Of course, in reality the comments will be something like "Eeww, she looks sick.  She lost all that weight and she's actually boy shaped!  No hips!  Ha ha ha ha."  Hell, having no hips is much better than the alternative.

Also, I have a new love: Buca di Beppo!!!!!  Oh my gawd.  The BEST Italian food on the whole planet.  Maybe the whole galaxy or solar system.  Maybe in the entire whole of existance!!!!!  YUMMMMM!!!

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