Tuesday, July 06, 2004


How do I love thee, Bacon? Let me count the ways. Ordered as a side dish with toast. Ordered as a side dish alone, wrapped unceremoniously in a sheet of aluminum foil. Purchased in one pound increments and cooked until crispy on the George Foreman Grill; fat and drippings saved to use as suet for the birds in the winter. Geez! I have such an incredible craving for this wonder meat!!!

And now for something completely different. This past holiday weekend was quite nice.

Friday--spent with Kate at home. We went shopping at Marshal's, then spilt an appetizer sampler plate at Pizzeria Uno. Fun greasy stuff.
Saturday--Hung out at home for a while, returned to my place, cleaned, ran errands, shopped, watched movies and read.
Sunday--Cleaned house and made Rice Krispie Treats. My friend Penny had a fireworks party, so I introduced M. to everyone. Good food. Deep Fried Turkey!
Monday--Helped M. plant several shrubs in his backyard. Then we had La Shish. Yum! After sweating and getting filthy and dift covered, he said I still smelled nice. Awwww.

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