Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Lonliness is goodliness

I may be one of those people destined to be alone...and that's not all that bad. I don't have to have a pristine bathroom and bedroom because someone else likes it that way. I don't have to do all my dishes the minute I'm finished eating. I can be an adult with Sea Monkeys living on my kitchen windowsill. I can remain in bed all day, except to leave when nature calls or when pizza arrives. I will rent all the foreign films I never got a chance to see, out of the uncomfortable feeling of watching a movie alone (granted, I rarely have this feeling, but there's "Little Otik" still waiting for me...thanks Luis.)

I've also started writing with full force. According to Jennifer Weiner, one of my all-time favorite authors, she has it all worked out: basically in order to write a kick-ass novel, one needs to have the following: 1. The Unhappy Childhood. 2. The Miserable Love Life. 3. Major in Liberal Arts (but not necessarily creative writing.) 4. Get a Job (not an MFA.) 5. Write to Please Yourself. 6. Get a Dog. 7. Get Published. 8. Find an Agent. 9. Be a Smart Consumer. 10. Read. I have 6 out of 10. Not too shabby. Maybe the turtle and the Sea Monkeys combined can assume the amount of responsibility a puppy requires? Probably not.

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