Wednesday, July 21, 2004

A Legally Blonde Moment...

Wonderful, just wonderful.  The law school idea has been implanted in my brain yet again.  Here's the current scenario: I could finish the paralegal degree in 1.5 years, secure a paralegal position (hopefully in the firm I've been working at for 3+ years,) then find a night program at one of the local law schools, where I would plow through the program in the standard 3 years.  I'd be in my early thirties and would hopefully be successful. 

Of course, this whole plan doesn't include where I'd be living, who'd be paying for the excessive educational costs, where I'd be institutionalized after melting down, etc...  And imagine everyone's surprise when, after I finally graduate, I decide to join the Peace Corps or decide to go back to art school for metalsmithing or something.

Maybe I should get back to the damn novel that's malingering in my mind.  I need some direction.  At least my plans are taking into account my vast, expansive, useless liberal arts background.  I wish I could go back in time, to high school and smack myself around.  I'd beg and plead with my younger self to study harder in science and math.  Spend less time reading Stephen King novels and more time on biology and chemistry.  Then I'd haunt my 18-year-old college self with the same advice, only tagging on the suggestion to drop political science and enroll in more science, math, anatomy and other practical courses that could result in a nursing degree, maybe.  And to party more...make more friends!!!  And not to waste my time on useless, going nowhere guys.  Oh well, too late for all that, I guess.

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