Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Temp, part II...

It looks like I went straight from "Shopgirl" to "The Office." There is a good chance I'll be having an interview for an executive assistant-type position sometime next week. They're looking for someone who can organize an office of five or so sales types. There is a warehouse attached to corporate headquarters. I'd also be around to answer the phone and type. Ah, lovely. I can be Dawn.

My Jeopardy experience has reared it's ugly head once again. All my sister's friend's mother really knows about me is that 1. my name, 2. the fact that I'm unemployeed, 3. I have a perfect, beautiful sister and 4. I was on Jeopardy. Soooo, I had to relay the whole story to several perfect strangers; the whole sob story about how "The NBA" category ruined my plans for paying for law school and, in essence, why I was sitting in a temp. agency in the first place.

And I had to wear a turtleneck in today's 80 degree temps.

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