Sunday, September 11, 2005

Another ridiculously stupid injury...

Yesterday was the day of my sister's huge engagement party. So of course, the second everyone arrives we're running short on pop and ice. Since I'm not getting married and of little interest to the rest of the crowd, I'm sent off to Kroger. Upon entering the store I'm stung by a bee, and thanks to a surge in adrenaline, longer-than-necessary fingernails, and semi-latent self-mutilation issues, this is the result:

So, in summary, Kate has a princess cut diamond and platinum ring and a nice fiancee. Jen has a bloody, self-inflicted wound on her chest. And the mutherfucker stings and burns something awful!

1 comment:

ago-go said...

i love your injuries! love. them. hope you heal ok.


p.s...where is my pink dress pic? :o)