Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Take a deep breath...

Okay, I probably won't be developing Lupus for another decade, but the fact still remains that it is on the horizon. I was trying to figure out why I recently became so photosensitive, I started stringing possibilities together and voila: a semi-plausible answer.

I've got a fairly common, mild pain-in-the-ass autoimmune condition (condition? problem? disease?) which manifests itself in dry skin, dry eyes, dry mouth, arthritis-like joint pain (yet not RA, thankfully) and general aches, pains and fatigue. Things could be tons worse: also in the disease family is scleroderma, which is fatal, so I'll live comfortably with dry, itchy eyes.

On the upside: I'm starting to write a werewolf novel!

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