Friday, September 09, 2005

Bad times...

I'm back in the funk. I tried to relieve the blues by dying my hair (one of my very favourite activities.) Instead of a nice, rich, chestnut's dark shit brown/black. And we're having an engagement party tomorrow at my house, so I'll have to be seen by my entire family. I made an emergency highlight appointment for tomorrow afternoon, but I'm not sure much can be done to salvage my current look.

And to make matters even worse, I'm quite sure I broke my left thumb. I can hardly bend it and it hurts like hell. I only have limited insurance coverage, so I'm not sure if it will count as an emergency room-caliber injury.

And, I had a horrible dream last night: (and it's killing me to type with two hands, but I'm working through the pain) I had a job interview at a college (maybe Wayne State) for some kind of secretarial position. The first interview went well, I actually got a callback for a second interview which also went well, then on the way out a student stole the stocking cap I was wearing (stylin', huh?) and I verbally accosted him, thus embarrassing him around his friends, so along with stealing my hat, he beat the shit out of me, rendering me deaf, so I lost the job because it involved answering the phone.

I'm off to search for a pain killer. I think we have some codeine-based stuff somewhere.

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