Thursday, December 02, 2004


I found a dress!!! It's black with thin spaghetti straps, pink netting at the hem and a pink frufru at the bust line. And as an added bonus, it fits and looks good.

I modeled it for my mom yesterday while she was working in "Intimates." She looked at me with a strange look on her face. Here's what the conversation was like:
ME: What?
MOM (with a puzzled look on her face): Nothing.
ME: What?
MOM: It looks nice, it's just that...
ME: You're just not used to seeing me in a dress like this. I never went to any homecomings, or proms, or cotillions, or coming-out parties (debutante or gay.) You're used to Kate showing this much skin, not me.
MOM: Yeah, that's why the dress looks like that on you. It's very 1950's.
ME (jumping): And I don't need a bra, do I?

And anyone who ventured into the fitting room learned that, no, I don't need a bra with this dress. The pink frufru covers both form and function.

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