Friday, December 03, 2004

I was taking my shower this morning, and as always was doing my best thinking of the day. I started compiling all the guys I've talked to/had at least one dinner date with all year. 2004 was certaintely the year for the wasting time with useless guys. I shall use only initials, to protect the lame-o's (and the one or two decent guys in the mix.)

1. K. Nice guy, 5 dates or so, only friendly; just wasn't interested in me.
2. J. Had a nice lunch date at Greektown. Never heard from him again.
3. M. Talked with him on the phone twice, I think. He was pretty stupid.
4. J. Smart, Roeper School guy. Touched my hair during dinner (creepy) and told me the saga of his gay father. A bit of a turnoff. On the upside--great dinner of chicken torteloni.
5. G. Uber loser. Hung out with for a few weeks, then he disappeared. Complete cheapskate and total turd-licker.
6. M. Very nice guy with cute cats and deep emotional problems. Disappeared.
7. T. Nice guy, had 3+ hour dinner date. We got along really well, never heard from him again.
8. C. Completely self-centered name-dropper; I had a bowl of salmon corn chowder--Mmmm! I missed his last call and never called back.
9. CC. Total asshole.
10. R. Only talked on the phone. Has no future goals and/or aspirations. Criticized me for having plans and for thinking about my future.
11. M. Super nice guy, too busy with work to date.
12. S. Nice guy; one sushi date, never heard from him again.

Not one serious thing in over a year. At least I did get a few free dinners and movies! Maybe I've got the beginnings of a chick-lit novel with all this "research."


Julie said...

What a year! Uggh. Men. Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em. Or that old feminist gem: A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.

And yet....damn if I'm not dreaming about true love and hot sex more than ever these days.

Yours is out there, Jen. I can feel it. He's coming around the corner, straight to Jen's Little Corner.

liz said...

For procrastinacious reasons, I was looking to see who else out there in the world had "Real Genius" as a favorite movie.

I can't believe that you also a) turned out to be a librarian (I'm not a librarian in practice, but in theory...perhaps, and my site attracts them) and also b) have the moon-phase link on your blog sidebar.

Oh, statistics.

Too bad you're Wookin Pa Nub in the US--my site seems to attract some devilishly geeky blokes from the UK, for some reason, and I already have one of my own*, so they're spares.

But hey, you could still "browse" them! (Just ignore the dopey avatars I posted out of sheer geekdom the other day...>sigh<...I'm not really a teenager.)

*Mine is known as "TheLimey", so that one's off-limits or there will be severe beatings all 'round.