Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I just had the following conversation with a coworker who shall remain anonymous:

Coworker: No one's going to be here tomorrow. It's going to be dead, especially if we get the 10 inches of snow predicted.
Me: I'm going to be here tomorrow!
Coworker: I meant no one important.
Me: Ouch! The truth hurts!

The entire South-East Lower Michigan area is expecting 8-10 inches of snow by Friday, which will be a major pain in the ass for Kate who's driving in tomorrow from West Virginia. If we get the full amount of snow, I'm officially making tomorrow "work place casual Thursday." There's no way in hell I'm wearing dress shoes and tights in the slush. This shall put a crimp in my Christmas Eve wardrobe choices. Every year we have a semi-traditional Polish Christmas Eve party at my grandparents and it is a dress-up occasion. Since I've lost some of my surplus tonnage, I wanted to wear this awesome red totally retro Goodwill dress, but the look might be ruined with the precipitation and I'll be forced to wear something sweater-ish. I really do need to look good this year. Last year I wore an Indian print maternity shirt which I though looked sweet. In fact, in pictures I looked about 6 months along. The fact that I was drinking all night probably didn't look too good to casual, non-related observers. I'll make up for it this year.


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