Thursday, December 23, 2004

Snow Day!!!

I'm really loving me some snow today! My dad (and for some reason his old air force buddy Mr. Steve who was on the phone last night chiming in with advice) thought that taking the super-depressing Van Dyke bus route would be a good idea on a snow-covered day like today. I guess it was a good idea, but damn...that route is so unbelievably depressing. In a 10-mile stretch, I am witness to the bleakest show on earth. I probably should've made a list-o-lowness during my drive. I'll make one on my way back. It will include vacant arson houses, roving packs of dogs, hookers and/or pimps, suspicious transactions and dealings, and maybe vacant businesses. Actually, I will make this list!

It's a slow day here. So far I've delivered a few presents to friends, snacked on a small cinnamon roll and a handful of red and green M&M's, did the mail, found some nice Jello recipes for Christmas Eve, and had a disturbing conversation with a secretary about the horrors of wearing a thin bra on a cold day at work. Since it's still snowing fairly steadily, we are all hoping to be let out early...yet I'm not holding my breath.

Here's a shout-out to Liz regarding the Indigo Child post. Yes, I know, I know, I know this is all totally bunk. There's a small part of me that needs to feel like I'm special and different...okay, most of me wants to feel this way. Everyone who reads the criteria can say "Yeah, that's me! I'm special! I'm really somebody" I know my family would love to attribute my diagnosed ADD to me being an alien, but that would just be their way of explaining their nerdy, scattered, oddball daughter. I'm not an alien, just the black sheep. And thanks for the pup comment. It made me smile!

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