Sunday, December 12, 2004

Thanks a ton, Daddy...

Yesterday, I was chatting with my dad and discussing my future career options. We somehow wandered onto the topic of the Air Force (I think weight loss and BMI numbers were involved) and now I'm also considering joining up after I finish the library science degree! I would take the officer's exam and hope my test-taking skills are functioning at high power. I could be assigned to cryto. perhaps, if I'm far enough removed from Poland. Apparently, being a first generation American knocked many people out (like my dad) of competition for the hot, dandy, highly-sought after positions. Maybe as a second generation, I could make it!

I'm getting rather superficial in my old age. After our stunning career conversation, my only question was "will they make me cut my hair?" Hey, it's finally getting long and decent looking again!

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