Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Pink-Eyed Monster...

After weeks of putting it off, I shall be going to the emergency room sometime around noon today. Actually I'll be visiting Beaumont's "Prompt Care" since the doctor's who deal with the heart-attack victims don't have the patience for ol' Pink-Eye McGee (aka ME.)

It's my right eye (my right) and it's actually quite attractive. Nice swollen lid, cotton-candy pink sclera, bloodshot veins a-plenty. Plus, as an added bonus, it feels like a knife is embedded in my eye socket!

I look like I just had the shit beaten out of me, since the eye is watery and light sensitive and my dark circles are pronounced. I always look terrible this time of year because I always get incredibly pale but the dark circles (or allergic shiners as some prefer to call them) become darker and way more purple. I don't even bother with cover up during the winter months. I end up looking like I have something nasty and fatal. It does get me sympathy sometimes. Apparently, I looked so bad during the winter of first grade that my teachers became worried. Child abuse was suspected, but since I had a bloody nose nearly every day, threw up on a regular basis and was always really phlegmy and mucousy, it was decided that I was just a really sick kid.

At least it's a slow day at work. I can close my door and just wallow.

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