Saturday, November 06, 2004

A bit lax...

Yeah, I've been a bit negligent lately, but since no one actually reads this, I don't feel too bad. Here are a few of the matters that have been occupying my time lately:

The Diet:
As of this morning I have lost 16 pounds. Now I wear a size 6 in pants. Dangity, that felt weird to type! I am only halfway finished with my weight-loss escapade. 109 seems like a long way off, but I do detect the light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, I'll look like a schlep in my too-big clothing since I'm way too po to do any serious shopping. I haven't been this light since high school, and since I was the world's biggest dork back then, clothing from that era is not a wearable option.

The School:
I don't want to talk about it. I'm sick of it.

The 50,000 word novel:
This is showing a little bit of promise. Now if I can only get my brain organized enough to sit down and write. It's all about Gypsies, communication with the dead, the occult, and a miserable gal just like me who's lookin' fer love. Maybe I'll actually get it published...*snort*
I met a really nice guy on Thursday. Matt is an orthopedic surgeon. He's blisteringly intelligent and easy to talk to. He sorta had this geeky hipster vibe. I dig him, ergo, I'll never hear from him again.

My Health:
So far I've been self-diagnosing sinus infections, ear infections, tonsillitis, and a clingy strain of pinkeye. I haven't had the time to actually go to the doctor, so basically I'm a sniffly, stuffy headed, hoarse, red-eyed monster. Quite attractive, hmmm? Luckily, people at work think I'm either not getting enough sleep or am perpetually stoned. No on both fronts.

Time to get back to the studying thang.


Julie said...

Well, you've always got me (as a reader)!

Sounds like you are in good spirits, at least. And congrats on the weight!

Eric said...
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