Monday, October 25, 2004


I participated in the Detroit Marathon 5K and now I am SORE! As I was laying around my office feeling sorry for myself, I eavesdropped on a conversation between two attorneys, one of whom ran the whole 26.? miles (his first marathon) and survived, and seems to be walking without any obvious difficulty. Damn, I'm a sorry-ass wimp! My 5K performance sucked thanks to asthma, the legs weren't too bad but the lungs completely pooped out after 1 stinking mile! I think I finished in 42 minutes! Lame!

My soreness can be attributed to the post-race massage I was given by the massage-therapy students set up at Ford Field. The girl who did my deep-tissue massage went a bit too deep in the muscle and I'm actually bruised. Again, insert the sorry-ass wimp comment here!

Mark my word--I will run the Detroit Marathon this time next year...and I will finish it!!!

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