Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I've been bummed for a while now and things need to change. I'm going to start actively looking for things that make me happy and here are a few:

I just saw a preview for "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"--the new Wes Anderson flick, and it looks totally, ridiculously awesome! It wil be released around Christmas.

I had a spiritual experience yesterday that made me question my career choices and life's purpose, yet again. I took the People Mover to the newly re-opened Downtown branch of the Detroit Public Library and from the moment I stepped over the threshold, I was awestruck. Seriously, I just had to stand back and look. It was amazing, just what a library was meant to be, and just what a Carnegie library should be. It was perfect! My heart was racing as I looked around the clean, crisp, marble floored building, climbed the curving staircase, looked at some exhibits (don't remember what they were) and settled down in the fiction reading room. This is seriously the over-romanticised idea of what my perfect library would be. And the library I would like to be a librarian at. I have about two years left to complete my MLIS, maybe I should think about doing that yet again.


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