Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Do you like American music?

I like American music best, baby! I've been thinking about my freshman year at college recently and remember several road trips involving the Violent Femmes. Now I'm listening to everything from them that I can find and I'm loving it. And if you should happen to see me singing along in my car-- big deal! I can't sing but I'm enjoying myself. I even discovered Yahoo's Launch--a cool site with zillions of videos available. I saw the vid. for "American Music" and it was bleepin' awesome!!! I didn't know they made one. I can recall a VF video on MTV's 120 Minutes maybe a decade ago, but this blast from the past was way long overdue. I was surprised to find a video for "Children of the Revolution"--better than the T-Rex version, if you ask me, and I'm very familiar with both.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Jen! Just thought I would stop by your little corner & say "Hi". Hope all is well.
Christine Hounamajama :0)