Thursday, May 27, 2004

Grammar Counts!

This is a profile of a guy who winked at me on, untouched and in all it's glory. Along with the fact that he probably hasn't yet finished high school and has a child, his grammar is a total turn off:

"i'm vary outgoing. looking for long lasting ralationship. who injoys the same intersit i do. no short vary funney. my deam date wold be at the water front with wine waching the sun set and talking for hours. so try me and you wont be dispointment"



Dana said...

hahahaha..omg..sooo funny..guys like that are all over the place..sigh

Lusty Lizzard said...

Jen, you should go on "Extreme Dating". I bet the guys there can spell--NOT!

Actually, I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and he asked if you were single. I told him you'd just break his heart... (and that you'd break my ossicles if I ever played cupid again :)

Jen said...

Liz, who wants their heart broken?

Lusty Lizzard said...

Check the "B" section

But I'll warn ya, he's had his heart broken before, so go easy on him, okay? ;)